S2|DATA Supports Tech in Africa

In April 2023, S2|DATA (S2) provided printers and laptops for schools in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Zambia through Foundations International out of Atlanta, Georgia. Foundations International have been establishing schools and building future leaders for 20 years in many rural areas of Eastern Africa, where there are no books, let alone, technology resources in many schools.

A printer or laptop makes a significant impact in furthering education as printing teaching materials or displaying materials on a screen is crucial to learning.

“S2|DATA’s support is invaluable to educating Africa’s future leaders”

said Jennifer Jackson, S2’s Chief Relationship Office, who travels to these schools annually and engages with staff in the training and implementation.

S2|DATA is committed to technology education and hardware resources abroad and locally. S2 provides training to STEM students in Forest Park, Georgia through educational programming and internship opportunities.

These efforts are a way to give back, and get the youth of today interested in legal and legacy data technology.

To get involved, or learn more about these efforts please contact us at: info@s2data.co.uk