Can Backup Tapes Be Restored?

Why do we back up our data? We do so as a precaution. In case something happens to the primary copy of our data we have a backup available at our disposal. As the famous proverb goes “it’s better to be safe than sorry.” Therefore, it would be logical to have a number of copies of your data stored away and therefore many choose to backup their data on Backup Tapes. But can the Backup Tapes themselves fail? Yes they can, of course nothing is foolproof, and like any solution using Backup Tapes does not offer a guarantee that your data will be forever intact.

If a single Backup Tape is used more than it logically should be then it becomes susceptible to failing. A Backup Tape can also fail if the tape drive is inserted or used incorrectly. Storing corrupt data on Backup Tapes can also cause them to fail. A Backup Tape can also fail if it is physically damaged, perhaps because of a natural disaster, or has gone through significant wear and tear, thereby becoming outdated. Regardless of the aforesaid Backup Tapes are still a highly recommended suggestion because of their affordable price, ample storage space, portability etc.

However, yet another advantage of using Backup Tapes is that they can be restored, even if damaged or outdated. In fact, here at S2|DATA we offer specialized solutions to cater to Backup Tapes and their restoration. Our team of experts is experienced in restoring data from Backup Tapes which might have been damaged or outdated. In fact, we have developed our own program, TRACS (Tape Restoration and Cataloging System), which we utilize in restoring data from Backup Tapes. To go along with is our very own web based postal, Invenire, which allows you to search the metadata from all your tapes, including the file names, the types of files, their size etc. By using Invenire you can single out the data you want to restore instead of restoring all the data, which might be of no use to you.

Whether you are a large company or a small business or just a private individual who is looking to restore his Backup Tapes, our team here at S2|DATA will work with you to restore your data from any damaged or dilapidated Backup Tapes. We take immense pride in reposting your most important data even if it might seem impossible.

You can contact us anytime to see how we can be of assistance to you and help you with data related issues.