Forest Park High School Student Awarded STEM Scholarship

On Thursday, June 6th, Forest Park High School student, Miq’Kya Benjamin, was awarded our 2019 S2|DATA Scholarship Award. We also had the pleasure of giving Miq’Kya, accompanied by Lonne Smith of Clayton Country Schools and Derrick Manning, Principal at Forest Park High School, a tour of our High Availability Vault.

The S2|DATA Scholarship Aware launched this past year. The scholarship was created in an effort to increase diversity in the STEM fields and to provide a student from an underserved community with assistance as they head off to college.

We see the need to help children in local communities achieve their college dreams so they can pursue a career in a STEM field. For this reason, we created the S2|DATA STEM scholarship.

“The awarding of this scholarship annually is only one way we can help make STEM-related careers more attractive and cultivate the passion those in our underserved communities have seen in these areas,” stated CEO Brendan Sullivan. “In addition to this scholarship, we will continue to do our part for our youth to help them pursue their interests in STEM.”

The August, Miq’kya will begin her studies at North Carolina A&YT in pursuit of a degree in Computer Science. We are all excited for her.