Signal: The Secure Communication App That Challenges Litigation Support

Signal is a popular communication app that boasts security features.

It is known for its end-to-end encryption that ensures the confidentiality of messages sent from one user to another. Additionally, Signal’s encrypted container securely stores messages at rest, ensuring their privacy even when they’re not being sent. If you’re looking for a secure messaging app, Signal is an excellent choice.

However, for those in the Litigation Support business, Signal can be a real challenge. For a while, Signal allowed the creation of an encrypted backup of the Signal message database, which could be accessed with an authentication token. This backup made it possible for legal review and production to be done easily, but Signal removed this feature in early 2022.

Since then, the only way to process Signal-based communications for legal review and production was either to take screenshots or physically take photographs. However, Sullivan|Stricker, in cooperation with its technology partners, has found a way to overcome this challenge.

In April 2023, we successfully began processing Signal messages through our Invenire-messaging service and now provide clients with one of our standard message-based productions.


At Sullivan|Stricker, we understand the importance of secure communications, and we strive to provide our clients with reliable solutions. With our Invenire-messaging service, we can now process Signal messages securely, enabling our clients to continue using Signal as their messaging app of choice without worrying about litigation support challenges.

Our innovative solutions, combined with our commitment to providing exceptional service, make us the perfect partner for all your litigation support needs. 

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